The Balanz Difference

The value that Balanz can add to your business through the acquiring finance or refinancing process is best demonstrated in the below illustration.

Finance via the Balanz Process

The Balanz Approach

Our activity in the debt markets make us uniquely able to deliver on our approach, resulting in consistently exceptional outcomes for our clients. There are three main pillars to our engagement with the market.

Right Bank and Banker

  • Banks change their industry appetite and policies regularly, and our activity in the market enables us to pick up on trends early
  • Did you chose your specific banker? Or did your bank assign you a banker? We look to align banker and client for a mutually beneficial relationship
  • The best outcomes are achieved with the Right Banker at the Right Bank – finance is a people-business firstly
  • We maintain relationships with Credit Managers as they are also very important ensuring our clients achieve great finance outcomes

Right Information

  • We will manage the discussions with bankers to ensure any key issues are identified in order to mitigate them
  • Together we shape the non-negotiable and boundaries to reduce the difficult conversations at the end of the process
  • In a timely manner, we will conduct the conversations regarding covenants and conditions to agree the key commercial terms

Right Time

  • Every transaction has a lead time
  • We work to ensure these timelines are managed proactively and to your expectations
  • We achieve this through regular communication and consistently pulling and pushing for performance

If you would like to see the outcomes of the Balanz process, have a look at some of our case studies.