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Village Raises a New Home

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well that was certainly the case for our new Balanz Home. In the middle of 2021, it was agreed that a new space was required as the Brisbane team started to outgrow their existing office. All team members sat down and brainstormed their ideal facilities, cosmetic touches and even "if I could have absolutely anything what would it be" items. 


After much deliberation, the indoor swimming pool, golf simulator and parking for "a gaggle of Troopies" (collective noun for several 78 series’) didn't make the cut… the following did however:

  • Welcoming entrance for the team and clients
  • Indoor plants throughout the office (many thanks to APS)
  • a full-size kitchen for cooking up feasts 
  • a full-size gym for family, clients, and colleagues (including a couple of Kikr's for the cycling fanatics)
  • 6 client meeting rooms and 2 soundproof rooms for team members with booming voices (no names necessary...)
  • Great parking
  • Walking distance to the CBD

After a year of hard work from everyone involved, we went from a wish list to delivery of the finished product, it's ours and we love it – we are proud to present the new Balanz Brisbane Home.


Now to start planning new homes for Townsville and Sydney.

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